Dance Specials

$28 Ballroom Dance Introductory Special

Ballroom on Broadway Dance studio edmond oklahoma lesson specials

Get started with TWO 25 minute private, one on one Ballroom dance lessons.

The one-on-one attention that you receive with your ballroom dance teacher is by far the best way to learn how to dance.

During your Introductory Private Lessons at ballroom on broadway dance studio in Edmond, your dance teacher will give you Two (2), twenty-five minute private, one on one dance lessons

After your introductory lessons, our dance instructor will recommend a lesson package tailored to your interests and skill level, including private lessons and social dancing parties, if, however, you are not interested in a small block of dance lessons, you can always pay as you go and purchase one dance lesson at a time. 

ballroom on broadway dance studio in Edmond is the ONLY studio that offers pay as you go private dance lessons.

45 min. private lessons are $65 per lesson.

Dance Studio Policies & Introductory Terms and Conditions

2 Private Dance Lessons
(25 minutes each)

  • Potential students must live within a 30 mile radius of the studio.
  • All dancers are required to sign a liability waiver before participating in any activities at the studio.
  • Lessons must be taken within 14 days of your 1st appointment, also Gift Certificates will not be available for the Ballroom Dance Introductory special.
  • 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations and reschedules, otherwise the lesson will be lost without refunds.
  • all students taking advantage of the Introductory Special MUST be 18 Years of age and older to participate.
  • this Introductory Ballroom dance lesson special offer is limited to 1 special per household per 36 month period.

Dance Lesson Footwear

For beginning level dance classes, students are not required to wear ballroom shoes. However, ballroom shoes are specifically designed to make dancing more enjoyable and safer, and are thus still recommended. All dancers should keep shoes in good repair. Heel protectors are recommended for ladies. Stiletto or metal heels are not permitted. Shoes that grip the floor, such as sneakers are not recommended, as dancing in such shoes can result in injury to knees and ankles. Shoes with potential for damaging the ballroom floor, in the judgement of the studio staff, are not permitted.

Shoes Must Be Clean and free of any Dirt , Moisture and other contaminants

Dance Lesson Clothing

Attire specific for ballroom dancing is recommended, but not required.


For men, we suggest a pair of slacks and a nice shirt. Men may find it helpful to bring several changes of shirts since dancing can cause perspiration. ball caps, or any other hats or caps Except for Cowboy/western hats are not permitted.


For ladies, we suggest a pair of loose fitting slacks or a skirt and a nice blouse. Dance pants (shorts) are required if a skirt is worn. We recommend that all dancers avoid clothes with heavy or swinging accessories.

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Food and drink are not allowed in the ballroom under any circumstances. Dancers are permitted to snack in the reception area, and all students are expected to pick up after themselves. We recommend having a small snack 30 minutes prior to each class or lesson.